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Electronic moxa

The offered device is intended to diagnose enrgy disharmony in patient's body by Akabane's method. When diagnosting it also treats as it harmonise energetic routes by the heat. Healers and patients use it instead of burning moxa which steams and smells. In additional, diagnosis is easy and precise. It is difficult to keep constant distance with burning moxa while all 24 measures.

 Functions of electronic moxa, description of activity:

Since ancient age there was one of the methods diagnosing health disease by moving burning moxa above the exactly stated points – meridians. A monk measured how long the heat was endurable for the patient. Moving moxa above the meridian, simulated pulse and enabled patient to recognise the right moment when burning became uncomfortable. If times on coupled routes differred repeatingly by more than 30 %, it refered to disharmony in patient's body.

 Some time ago one healer asked me to make an electric moxa. It's development lasted over a year. Complete device has constant temperature of the spike and the pulse during all 24 measures.

Electronical spike of moxa imitates the real one. It can be regulated between 40 – 60°C and does not produce any smoke. If you use the device for harmonisation of routes the advised temperture of the spike is 45°C and time of moxibustion should be around 3 minutes for each point. To diagnose I recommend higher temperature – about 52°C. I would like to highlight that it is individual as women are generally more sensitive and that's why the temperature of spike should be about 4°C lower.

 Getting the device ready for use:

Everybody is sensitive different way therefore you find out the regulation of the spike by stoking hot electronic moxa on the thumb of the left hand. You regulate the temperature of the spike by letting it burn for 15 seconds. For any other spike regulatings change a spot on the thumb. More details and experience will b sent in manual when you order.

Design, battery description:

Electronic moxa is a handmade product – see photo on the right. Stopwatch and temperature measures are tested by external devices which makes this device  a lot smaller. Experience proves that the temperature of the spike does not have to be checked as the temperature keeps adjusted with accuracy of 0,5°C. In case the battery is getting flat, LED diode starts to flash very quickly.

 This device is charged by little and careful voltage with 3 batteries (total voltage 3,8 volts).

One charge of AA battery lasts 3 – 8 hours in the device. Batteries vary from different producers. I also used new batteries which did not last long enough. It depends on what kind of batteries and charger you buy. The cheap chargers can even damage the batteries.

Diagnostic and moxa points can be found on www.belousovi.cz. The website is displayed when my programme K_Akabane is on. Description of demo – click on left column „Akabane test programme“. You can download and try demo yourself – Demo.chR.xls, (3,8 MB).

 I am not a businessman, I do not have any  workshop. Having a profit from this is not a purpose. It takes me about 5 days to make one device. As there are not too many people who understand Akabanes's test I am able to make it for serious applicant.

Those interested please write to e-mail keft@seznam.cz , will tell you the price turnover.   The price of electronic moxa includes digital and special case. Battery and postage in not included in the price.



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