K_Abane programme is used for measuring and saving time when singeing meridians. The diagnostic and prevention of health problems becomes more easier with this programme. It uses moxas or my device - electronic moxa. The programme supports all versions of Excel 2000-2007. You can download free demo version here: AkabaneDemo8.xls.

 Everyone who is familiar with Akabane test can examine himself or friends. Akabane test is recommended to be repeated several times so that the result is evident. If you diagnose, use the Akabane test only twice a week. For treatment, you can use the test every day. If the route of meridian is warm enough, the point easily burns and we move to another point, nothing can go wrong. The spots for stoking moxa are displayed when the Akabane programme is on, so you can overview where to stoke moxa or my device. You can also check it in the demo version. Programme can be also used as a database or for measuring and saving 24 times. These numbers together with details can be assigned to a person and can be saved into a line 20 – 4000. In the programme there is comfortable edit form in which long texts are edited before saving.

Method of diagnostics

This method is based on several millennium-old tradition of Chinese acupunctura, manupreasure, moxibustion.


Stoke with the hot tip to an appointed spots of toes and fingers gradually to the left and right. The programme then records the times into the tab and makes a graph. As soon as a patient starts to feel burning moxa, healer stops time-measuring.

This method of diagnostic has been tested on many volunteers mainly in Russia. The test is certain after multiple measure repeats. The test is repeated every 4th day-(after 3 days). It is used in cunjuction with acupuncture or method of Su-jok. We can use Akabane test as the prevention before  serious problem comes up. The advantage of this test is that you have it at your disposial and have a possibility to treat the problem that may not be visible by the doctor yet.

The secret of this method is that you follow the programme which heats the point – searches the problem route while adjusting the disharmony in detected route of the patient's body.

In conclusion to these age-old method, I would like to add that I consider using the combination of alternative and classic „modern“ medicine as a right solution for today's medicine. Both methods should be complemented by each other. For example, in case  you break your leg it is more convenient to use alternative treatment (harmonisation, rehabilitation) after removing the plaster from your leg. In short, healer and a physician should cooperate like some of them do so in clinics in Africa or Great Britain.

 The demo version is fully functional and not saving times right way  is a purpose and some measure timing is limited for a month which is sufficient for testing. I recommend not to use an old computer or Windows 95. The programme is designated for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Excel from 2001 to 2007. 

The programme works with Excel 7 under the compatibility, as Excel has big changes. For that reason it is necessary to save the datas with extension xls. Then there is a difference in the way how to free macros. It is necessary to free macros after downloading demo and opening it in Excel. Click on the bottom left in Help page in Excel sheet and read it.

If you follow Help and free macros, it is advantagous to save configurated programme, then you should close Excel completely and reopen the demo again. The configuration is complete after saving and reopening.

I worked on K_Akabane programme over a year and I believe you find it very helpful too. The programme is protected before unauthorised spreading. For this purpose you can save an authorising code, which you send to me. Full version will be followed by me.

You can order the full version on the E-mail: keft@seznam.cz. $ .  Inform me on my e-mail address what kind of computer you want to have the programme installed on before your order. State the year of Excel (2000,2001-2003,2007), type of computer (notebook, PC) and type of Windows (XP,Vista or Windows 7).

Kontakt email :  KEFT@SEZNAM.CZ



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